Pear Tarte Tatin 'Bake at Home' Cooking Kit - serves 4

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Darren will show you how to make a delicious, crispy and perfectly cooked Pear Tarte Tatin and you can take part by buying this COMPLETE kit and watching Daz do his thing. 

He will show you how to prepare and cook the perfect warming French dessert for the family. VIEW HERE

Darren's Tarte Tatin is legendary, he first learned this dessert in the kitchens of Europe and it has been a favourite ever since gracing the menus of Vue de monde and Sydney Opera House. The dessert is featured in his book Lamingtons & Lemon Tart with stunning photography from Patricia Niven. 

The actual tart is cooked in an oven proof fry pan which is included in this pack along with everything else you will need to make this dessert. 

The Tarte Tatin pack includes the following: 
  • All ingredients to make the dessert including homemade B&P puff pastry, fruit, spices, sugar and butter
  • Vanilla sauce - to go with the dessert
  • Ovenproof frypan **
  • A digital copy of Lamingtons & Lemon Tart including the Tarte Tatin recipe (emailed to you on the 14th July)

All you need is an oven. 

The ingredients have a shelf life of two to three days before you need to make the dessert. The dessert is best consumed on the day or day after it has been made. 

You are advised to watch along and learn the secrets to the perfect Tatin, you can then rewatch if needed when you make the dessert yourself. 



** Foolproof every one of your meals with this AUST-ENITE 20cm fry pan, developed by Salt&Pepper. Constructed from non-reactive, quality stainless steel with a multi-layered durapan coating, this dishwasher and oven-safe pan is suitable for all cooktops with its encapsulated aluminium base, ensuring perfect distribution and retention of heat. The heatproof and ergonomic handle makes for easy manoeuvring while the pan's non-stick surface ensures optimal results and easy-cleaning.


Darren’s Sweet Studio has got to be Australia’s go-to for desserts. Shop online, it will blow your mind! Trust me - you need to get some Darren magic in your life!

Jock Zonfrillo - Chef, Restaurateur and Masterchef Australia Judge

"We are huge fans of Burch & Purchese, so much so that we asked Darren & Cath to fly an entire dessert table from Oz to Scotland for our wedding (as well as the cake)"

Ronan & Storm Keating - music, television, philanthropy

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