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Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Callets 33.6% Cocoa Solids

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Weight 400g

Naturally pink and with no artificial flavours, Ruby chocolate is made from unfermented Ruby cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador.

It's sweet yet sour, and little like berries and yoghurt.

Chocolate Percentage: Minimum 47.3% Cocoa Solids

Application: Ruby can be used in many different applications from individual chocolates and chocolate bars to tarts, caramels and panned products. Naturally, mixing ruby with other ingredients will also dilute the sour notes and fruity flavour profile. It is therefore best used in applications in its purest form. Ruby chocolate will change colour when added to water-based ingredients, do not panic! When ruby chocolate is combined with liquids, water-based ingredients, mousse and ganache, it will change to a greyish-pink shade. Simply add some pink colour to maintain the shade!


Contains dairy and soy. Gluten and nut free.


Best kept at a stable temperature of 18-22℃


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