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Our friends at Fresh Asº combine freeze dried raspberry & lemon juice powders with icing sugar. The result is an icing that is 100% natural, full of flavour and vegan friendly. Just add water to create an intensely flavoured and coloured icing or follow the recipe on the packet to create a delicious cream cheese icing that will ice 12 cupcakes.


Fresh Asº is a small, quality driven company based in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been providing freeze dried ingredients to the highest echelon of chefs throughout the world since 2006. B&P have used Fresh Asº products in our desserts since 2011.

Ingredients: Icing Sugar (tapioca), Fresh Asº Raspberry Powder, Fresh Asº Lemon Powder

Recipes and instructions included.

Darren’s Sweet Studio has got to be Australia’s go-to for desserts. Shop online, it will blow your mind! Trust me - you need to get some Darren magic in your life!

Jock Zonfrillo - Chef, Restaurateur and Masterchef Australia Judge

"We are huge fans of Burch & Purchese, so much so that we asked Darren & Cath to fly an entire dessert table from Oz to Scotland for our wedding (as well as the cake)"

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