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Eccles Cakes Box of 4 Cakes - 31.05.22 - 04.06.22 ONLY

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Buttery B&P made flakey puff pastry encases delicately spiced dried fruit. 

Eccles cakes history stretches back over three centuries and historians are certain that the origins of these pastries can be traced to the town of Eccles in Manchester.  

The word “Eccles” means ‘church’ and is a derivative of the Greek ‘Ecclesia’, which means an assembly. 

Each year during the passing centuries a Service was held at the church to celebrate its construction. This became known as the “Eccles Wakes” and was followed by a fair where food and drink could be purchased in abundance, including the ever popular Eccles Cake.

These cakes are made fresh daily in the Studio and are strictly only available during Platinum Jubilee Week. They are great with cheese, preferably Lancashire but a Cheddar or Stilton work very well or they are great as part of a platter of cheeses and cold meats. 

Order yours today. 


Contains gluten, egg and dairy

Nut free but may contain traces of nuts


Store covered in the pantry for a day or two or longer in the fridge. You can freeze or reheat these but we recommend consuming within a day or two or purchase. 

Darren’s Sweet Studio has got to be Australia’s go-to for desserts. Shop online, it will blow your mind! Trust me - you need to get some Darren magic in your life!

Jock Zonfrillo - Chef, Restaurateur and Masterchef Australia Judge

"We are huge fans of Burch & Purchese, so much so that we asked Darren & Cath to fly an entire dessert table from Oz to Scotland for our wedding (as well as the cake)"

Ronan & Storm Keating - music, television, philanthropy

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