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"I want to let you into a secret. I'm making myself more accessible. Yes I'm known as the chef with tricks, with a scientific approach to food and ingredients but I'm not like that all the time. When I'm at home or entertaining close friends and family, it's the simple, comforting style of food that I return to again and again" - DP x

Salted Caramel Lamingtons

Not your average Lamington and sure to become a favourite in your home, like it is in mine. This recipe promises to deliver a deliciously moist salted caramel sponge. Dipped in a luxurious coating ...

Lamington Pain Perdu

Lamingtons have become a big part of my life - admittedly too big. However, these simply constructed, but difficult - to master, classics are something to celebrate which is why we have Lamington W...

Darren's Pavlova

Pav can be a bit temperamental, so you may need a couple of practice goes so you can learn how your oven bakes and then gauge cooking times to ensure success. It will be worth it though when you se...

Cath's Fattoush - The Ultimate Summer Salad

This simple, gutsy salad, using the humblest of ingredients, is perfect for summer.  Fattoush deserves nothing less than the ripest full flavor tomatoes, wonderful fresh herbs and is the greatest w...

Peach Melba

One of my first serious jobs as a pastry chef was my time at the legendary Savoy Hotel in London in the late 90's. I attended an open day there before I started and a chef demonstrated how to make ...

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