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"I want to let you into a secret. I'm making myself more accessible. Yes I'm known as the chef with tricks, with a scientific approach to food and ingredients but I'm not like that all the time. When I'm at home or entertaining close friends and family, it's the simple, comforting style of food that I return to again and again" - DP x

Victoria Sponge

A baking classic and delicious teatime treat, this is traditionally made without the cream inside but what’s a cake without cream!?

Choc Mint Frozen Slice

Minty, chocolatey and cooling, this delicious dessert is perfect for all seasons. It does have a few recipes/components so plan ahead but it is worth the time investment.

Baked Custard Tart w Nutmeg

A classic from Darren's British roots, this tart is simple in terms of ingredients; but can be tricky to bake. We suggest cooking this low in your oven until the custard is just set. You might need...

Filo Wrapped Fried Egg with Dukkah & Harissa

We are thrilled to be using true 'open range, regenerative' eggs. To celebrate us using only the freshest and most ethical ingredients, this weeks' Recipe of the Week is something a little differen...

Lemon Drop Biscuits

Developed by Darren Purchese for our always fun 'Cookie Week' these Lemon Drop Biscuits were so popular that we know they WILL return for this years cookie week. Dates for this year have been confi...

Pumpkin Seed Cake With Lemon & Olive Oil

Such a simple yet delicious recipe, the olive oil substitute for butter provides an amazing texture and flavour and the lemon lifts this entire experience. The candied pumpkin seeds are something t...

Chocolate Chip & Macadamia Cookies

A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie is one of life's great pleasures. Super simple and absolutely delicious these will be a winner in your household.

Mango & Passionfruit Pavlova

One of THE most iconic desserts of all time, especially during the summer. There is nothing better than a Pav with cream and fruit! Here’s a domestic recipe version of our popular Pavlova, give it ...

Carrot Cake

We love a classic at B&P and we love reinventing them as well. This super easy and delicious classic style carrot cake is definitely worth making...

Rooftop Bees Honeycomb

At B&P we have our own beehives and have been keeping bees now for 11 years. Our hives are managed by Vanessa and Matt at Rooftop Honey who harvest the liquid g...

Darren's Custard Creams

Custard Creams are a popular biscuit in the UK and nostalgic reminder of home. Buttery and rich, this recipe is simple and totally delicious.

Darren's Hot Cross Buns

These are a real favourite of mine, and thankfully they're only around once a year because any more would be dangerous! I have mine untoasted, straight from the oven, with loads of butter.

Raspberry, Lychee & Rose Choux Buns

Elegant and feminine these make a beautiful late morning or afternoon treat with a cup of tea. I love serving these to my friends as they always get a ‘Wow’ reaction from the taste and their attrac...

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