We are always honoured to be involved with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, it's especially true this year as Melbourne starts to come alive again!

Darren has designed this 'Bake at Home' Easter egg kit exclusively for the festival and it is retailing at The Convenient Store at Queen Victoria Market in the city.

Each kit comes with the video below and all the ingredients plus egg mould to complete this egg inspired by our bestselling Explosive Raspberry Cake.

We are also selling a few kits in store CLICK HERE but we urge you to visit the Convenient Store and buy from there.

Here's some more information on the MFWF Convenient Store....

8am-7pm daily, Friday 25 March to Sunday 3 April

A retail offer like no other, The Convenient Store stocks a keen-eyed edit of food and drink, mixing the high and the low, showcasing the very best Victoria has to offer, from mass made to deeply bespoke and everything in between.

Part Japanese convenience-store, part Brooklyn bodega, part Berlin späti, and presented in partnership with 7-Eleven, it sells a changing array of fresh snacks that includes MoVida’s famed smoked tomato tapa turned into a savoury sorbet exclusive to the store, prawn cocktail-flavoured Chappy’s chips with Yarra Valley Caviar, hot cross buns from To Be Frank; neenish tarts from Falco and pastries from Monforte. Look in the pie warmer and you’ll see the welcome return of the Pie Thief dim sim sausage roll; peek into the freezer cabinet and you’ll find American Doughnut Kitchen ice-cream from Luther’s Scoops and Brick Lane’s beer icy poles.

There’s onigiri rolling on the 7-Eleven sushi train, and the highly sought-after likes of Sarafian Hummus and Toum, whipped Venetian-style salt cod from Caterina’s and mortadella mousse from Emilia in the fridge, alongside top-drawer Victorian drinks and bottled cocktails from the finest cocktail bars in Melbourne.

From 4pm to 7pm daily, the store transforms into Melbourne’s hottest new bar, showcasing a cocktail list of gin and vodka Slurpee cocktails, alongside some local favourites.

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