Here at B&P we are known for using only the best ingredients in all of our products. This means we are especially proud to have partnered with Honest Eggs Co. and they are now the sole supplier of eggs into our kitchen.

Why are Honest Eggs so good? Well they are ethical, fresh and delicious. Also they are 'Regenerative Eggs' and this means they are better for the egg, the chook, the land, the farmer and the community.

This excerpt is from their site.

"When it comes to eggs there is a lot of 'BS' out there. 'Free range', for instance, can mean 10,000 chooks in one hectare. Or to put it another way; one chook per square metre - 24/7, 365 days a year. It's not what we imagine when we think 'free range'."

The difference between regenerative farm eggs (Honest Co.) and regular free range is best explained in the image below.

Regenerative vs Free Range

We now only use Honest Eggs in all of our creations so every week Darren and the team of chefs at Sweet Studio crack and split the freshest eggs possible for cakes and desserts. It is more labour intensive than other products on the market but we are so happy with the taste and the fact we are doing the right thing by the chooks.

Visit Honest Eggs in person to see their operation, you can book a tour or visit them online to see the rest of their story. CLICK HERE

Look out for a particularly eggy recipe in next week's recipe of the week and if you want to know more about how to cook eggs then you might need Darren's breakfast cookbook. BUY HERE

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