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We asked our community of enthusiastic and domestic bakers to suggest class content for 2022 and one of the most popular suggestions was...Eclairs. So here it is. All you needed to know about choux pastry making, piping and baking and also fillings and finishes for the perfect eclairs!

This class includes an e-book containing the recipe for plain choux, chocolate choux and fillings and finishes for ten eclairs!

Join Darren, Cath and a whole bunch of keen bakers and dessert lovers for one of the first of many events for 2022.

This class is also the perfect gift for someone!

The E-Book to this class will be sent out on Friday 28th January.

Remember, like all of Darren's demo only classes this is not designed to be a cook along. Put the kettle on and watch Darren do his thing and then feel free to make your own creations after class at your leisure.

This class will be livestreamed on Zoom and is a one off broadcast. It is not designed to be replayed and you need to be available at 2pm AEST on Sunday 30th January.



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