To celebrate Cookie Week at Burch & Purchese we are holding a special LIVE one off cookie masterclass with Darren Purchese

B&P Cookie Week gets bigger and better every year! To help celebrate the humble bikkie Darren will be showing attendees of this class some of his most used and versatile cookie recipes.

Want to know how to get a chewy AND crunchy cookie?

Want to find out the best way to prepare, store and cook your cookies?

Want to know which cookie is Darren's favourite?

All of this and more including a jam packed recipe booklet emailed ahead of class with all the recipes needed to make everything.

Remember, like all of Darren's demo only classes this is not designed to be a cook along. You will have all of the recipes and you can shop for ingredients prior to class but don't try to keep up with Darren. Put the kettle on and watch Darren do his thing and then feel free to make your own creations after class at your leisure.

This class will be livestreamed on Zoom and is a one off broadcast. It is not designed to be replayed and you need to be available at 2pm on Sunday 11th July.

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